Αγγλική Τεχνική Ορολογία


Εξάμηνο: Α Εξάμηνο
Κωδικός: 101ΓΥΥΚ
Θεωρία: 2 ώρες
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Τύπος Μαθήματος: Γενικής Υποδομής
Γλωσσα Διδασκαλίας: Αγγλική

Digital Electronic Computers, Robotics- rescue Robots, Color TV, CAD/CAM, The Internet and the Industry Structure, Fighting poverty with The internet, Safety Engineering, The Environment: why we must not give up

Paragraph organization, Paragraph Development Methods, Use Of Examples, Definitions: Simple and Expanded, Classification.

Problem Solution Method: Description of Situation, Definition of problem, Solution, Support of Solution

Devaluation (Αφαλάτωση), Data commentary, Process Description, Description of Physical Mechanism, Application for a Job, Curriculum Vitae, Report Writing on a laboratory experiment.

How to Write research Paper, Abstract, introduction, Method, Material, Results, Discussion, Conclusions.

References-Bibliography: Harvard System and Numeric or Cambridge System

Extra Activity: Certificate for specific and academic purposes